Meeting the Leadership Challenge in Long-Term Care

What You Do Matters

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Welcome to the website for Meeting the Leadership Challenge in Long-Term Care: What You Do Matters, (Health Professions Press 2011). Funding for the writing of the book was provided by The Commonwealth Foundation and The Picker Institute.

We wrote the book to provide support to leaders in long-term care.  Through funding from The Picker Institute, we offer here multi-media resources that build on the book’s content. Each web page on this site contains a short video and a downloadable hand-out. We hope you find these materials helpful. Our contact information is provided at the bottom of each page.

- David Farrell, Cathie Brady, and Barbara Frank

Special Thanks to

The Commonwealth Fund


The Picker Institute

for funding the writing of this book.

Meeting the Leadership Challenge in Long-Term Care:

What You Do Matters

From Health Professions Press:

What you do really does matter! This book is a must read for nursing home administrators, directors of nursing, and others in leadership positions in long-term care. It offers practical, commonsense, easy-to-implement approaches that will yield immediate positive results. It also serves as a wake-up call to leaders who doubt their impact and as an affirmation to leaders who struggle daily to do a good job. Let Meeting the Leadership Challenge in Long-Term Care open the door to new possibilities and set your organization on a better course.

Too often long-term care leaders feel overwhelmed by regulatory, financial, and corporate constraints and succumb to the myth that staff turnover is an inevitable cost of doing business. This book debunks this myth, revealing the powerful link between staff satisfaction and successful organizational performance that delivers high quality, high census, good surveys, and a healthy bottom line.

Based on extensive on-the-ground experience with implementing and guiding hundreds of nursing homes through successful organizational transformations, the authors offer advice and wisdom that can make your organization more successful, efficient and stable, whether it is currently struggling or thriving. Widely recognized as experts in the long-term care field, the authors of Meeting the Leadership Challenge in Long-Term Care combine their years of experience in nursing home leadership and management to create a resource that can transform how long-term care facilities are run.

Table of Contents:

Foreword The Touchstone of Nursing Home Quality: Managers' Concerns for Caregivers

V. Tellis-Nayak and Mary Tellis-Nayak

A Note to Our Readers


Part I: Leadership


A Year in the Life of a Nursing Home Administrator

David J. Farrell

1.  Leadership: What You Do Matters

Part II: Practices for Stability

2.  Taking Time to Hire Right

  1. 3. From Absenteeism to Attendance

  2. 4. A Positive Chain of Leadership: Supervision

  3. 5. Achieving Staff Stability: A Case Study

Part III: Moving the Flywheel

  1. 6. The How of Change

  2. 7. Moving the Flywheel — Getting Traction

  3. 8. Memo to Corporate

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