Meeting the Leadership Challenge in Long-Term Care

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Barbara Frank, Cathie Brady, and David Farrell

Special Thanks to

The Commonwealth Fund


The Picker Institute

for funding the writing of this book

Multi-media Web-based Resources

Produced by

B&F Consulting and David Farrell

With funding from

The Picker Institute

Through funding from The Picker Institute, we offer here multi-media resources that build on the book’s content. Each resource page contains a short video and a downloadable how-to hand-out. We hope you find these materials helpful.

1.  All Hands on Deck: Reducing Stress and Strengthening Teamwork

Learn how the management team at one nursing home pitched in to reduce stress and ensure residents’ needs were meet, and how doing so transformed them from a “nursing home in need” to a “nursing home in the lead.”

2. Relationship Building and Stress Reducing Rounds: Rounds to Check In on People Not to Check Up on People

Hear David Farrell describe how to round every day to build relationships and morale, keep his finger on the pulse, and continuously improve

3.  Community Meetings: Encouraging and Engaging Staff

Hear David Farrell explain how and when to have a community staff meeting, what to include in it, and how it plays a critical role in having everyone on staff “in it together.”

4.  Shift Hand-off: Facilitating Critical Thinking and Teamwork to Catch Developments Early and Intervene Effectively

Learn how to use a shift hand-off to ensure continuity of care through thoughtful staff communication. The same practices apply to start and end of shift huddles.

  1. 5. Everyone Stands Up Together: Closing the Communication Gap

Hear how one nursing home moved their morning management team stand-up out to staff closest to the residents. Learn how they’ve benefited and hear the how-to.